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Supporting Communities through the Coronavirus Pandemic


The YEO Network is committed to supporting our 1,000+ members elected to office across the country help the most vulnerable populations in their communities survive and recover from the COVID-19 outbreak.


This outbreak and its wide-ranging effects have exposed in new ways the deep inequities that exist. More than that, it has shown what must and can be possible to protect the health, safety, economic prosperity and equality for every American now and forever.


Our members are leading these efforts, we are dedicated to supporting them and -- together -- we will endure this global crisis.



Vital pieces of this recovery depend on the ability of elected leaders at every level of government to advance progressive policy that protects workers, families and our most vulnerable and provides all of us with quality healthcare, equal protection under the law and access to economic opportunity.


Many of these resources have been collected by our own members, as well as from our friends at Local Progress and Mayor's Innovation Project. If you’d like to see your policy or resources highlighted in our database, please reach out.


Need More Support? Want to Share Resources?

Our team is here to help.

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