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supporting communities through the coronavirus Pandemic

Engaging Your Community and Constituents

Social Media

Social Media is a great tool to share information on Coronavirus updates, advocate for policy, and to connect with your constituents, who may be feeling more isolated at this time. Social media is just one tool, and should be used in conjunction with traditional communication methods such as phone, mail, flyers, etc. to keep your community updated. 


For more direct interaction with your constituents, you may think of…


Plan Events During Social Distancing 


In order to help bring about more social interactions, it may be of interest to plan events to bring your community together. This may include:

  • A Movie Night. Schedule a night to watch a movie “together”! Have a space to chat, and encourage community members to order takeout or delivery from local restaurants. 

  • Starting a weekly book club. Use Zoom or another online/phone platform to bring community members together. 


Other ways to support your community

If you have the capacity to, there are other ways you can support the community during the Coronavirus. Share them on socials!

Didn't see what you need? Need additional support?

We're here to help.

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