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YEO Network stands with member Rep. Ilhan Omar, in the face of racist threats and attacks

U.S. Representative and YEO Network member Ilhan Omar embodies the best of YEO values. She brings energy, conviction and courage to her work every day on behalf of her constituents in Minnesota and those in need of a voice across our country, regardless of the personal cost.

Over the course of her groundbreaking career in public service, her commitment to progressive values and justice have been met with seething racism, death threats and the weaponizing of Islamophobia. In recent days, such hatred and bigotry has escalated, fueled by racist tweets from the White House and dangerous chants which echo the darkest moments in our history.

In response, YEO follows the lead of Representative Omar when she states:

“I am not going to let them distract. Today I am going to do the work the people of Minnesota sent me to do.” –Rep. Ilhan Omar, 7/18/2019

We reject bigotry, racism and Islamophobia in every action, word and tweet. We will continue to work with our over 1300 elected members and alumni, like Representative Omar, to strengthen and support the next generation of young, progressive elected leaders. We stand with her today, and every day, in the struggle to realize the full promise of liberty, equality and justice for all and won't be distracted or deterred by vile attacks that aim to diminish our moment to create lasting change for those who need it most.

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