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YEO Network Releases 2019 Policy Book

Dear YEOs,

Since its founding in 2005, the Young Elected Officials Network has been dedicated to supporting our YEOs by providing the latest and most cutting-edge policy resources to help them create the change they see as being the most necessary in their communities. Through our annual survey, National Convening, and Policy Academies, our YEOs define and shape the Network’s policy priorities and focus each year.

Over the past couple of years, YEOs across the United States have been leading the fight for a fair criminal justice system, economic equity, education reform, sustainable future, immigrant rights, gender equality, healthcare, voting rights, and more.

The YEO Network is proud to release the 2019 Policy Book, a member-driven resource highlighting some of the most impactful policy efforts led by YEOs across the country. We have compiled 45 of those efforts in the 2019 Policy Book, most of which are authored by YEOs.

We hope that you will find the Policy Book useful as you pursue your policy priorities in 2020. As always, feel free to contact us directly if we can be of support, or if you have any policy materials that you would like to share. We are really excited to see the work that you will be leading across our nation this year, not only to create a lasting impact, but also to inspire the next generation of young elected officials.

Yours in service,

Svante Myrick Director of Youth Leadership Programs

Raquel Jones YEO Program Manager

Taif Jany YEO Policy Coordinator

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