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Young Elected Officials In Support of Impeachment

As members of the Young Elected Officials Network, a program of People For the American Way Foundation, we write to express our full support of the impeachment process now under way in the United States House of Representatives.  

Young elected officials are deeply invested in a better future for our country. We are members of school boards, members of Congress, members of local legislatures, mayors of cities, and more.  In choosing a path of public service, we have committed to working within our democratic system to improve and strengthen it. Corruption at the highest levels of our government runs counter to our ideals and undermines the future we envision.  It is imperative that the actions of Donald Trump to solicit a  foreign power’s interference in our 2020 elections, his violations of the emoluments clauses, his contempt of Congress, and his obstruction of justice be fully investigated. It is also imperative that there be accountability for his betrayal of his oath of office, which the Constitution provides for by way of the impeachment process.

Our signatures below reflect our support for proceeding with impeachment because we must reaffirm that no person, including the President of the United States, is above the law, and because we firmly believe that the end result will be to strengthen our democracy.

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