We The (Young) People is the YEO Network’s podcast where we nerd out about policy and legislative accomplishments with YEOs across the country. In each monthly episode of We The (Young) People, you’ll hear about a specific policy that a YEO has introduced to their legislative body. We interview a diverse group of elected officials and pick their brains about how they created these policies and how you can too! Strategies for winning policy fights are also par for the course. Join us once a month and learn about the difference that Young Elected Officials are making in their communities.


EPISODE  1:  Criminal Justice Reform with DC Councilmember Robert White

In the January 2020 edition of We the (Young) People, Alana and Michelle interview Washington, D.C. Councilmember Robert White, who recently introduced a bill to grant voting rights to incarcerated individuals. Councilmember White explains how he came up with the policy and why it's necessary, what the bill does, and his goals and strategies for passing and implementing the legislation. Michelle imparts some YEO-provided advice to our audience.

Reminders: please send us the 5-10 bills you're most proud of for our upcoming Policy Exchange Database! Email abyrd@pfaw.org. Next month, we'll be discussing Black History Month-related policy, and healthy living advice for our YEOs. Please send us any suggestions you may have for these topics ASAP. Thanks!

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