Inclusive America is the YEO Network’s podcast to amplify the voices of young elected officials and highlight the work they are doing across the country. Through Inclusive America, you will get a chance to hear from elected officials from all levels of government about their latest work and how it will impact your community. Each episode will feature an elected official, policy expert, or community leaders who are making a long-lasting positive impact on their communities.

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This is a quick and fun episode highlighting some of the major updates happening at the YEO Network.)

Episode 7: Big News from the YEO Network!


Young elected officials across the country are not only creating change in their communities, but they are also transforming the narratives surrounding our nation’s politics these days. One elected official in particular is leading and driving change in Michigan.

Meet Abdullah Hammoud, Michigan’s first and only Muslim Arab American State Representative in the State’s 15th House District who was elected at age  26. The proud son of Lebanese immigrant parents, Abdullah was born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan, home to some of the largest Arab American populations in the United States.

Episode 6: Meet Abdullah Hammoud: Michigan’s First Muslim Elected Official in His District


Today, we are seeing a movement being led by many strong women who are speaking out and sharing personal experiences of facing sexual assaults and harassment by not only men in powerful positions but in every day encounters. This episode of Inclusive America sheds light on this movement and showcases community leaders and state and local elected officials, who are fighting to create a cultural shift to not only bring awareness to sexual harassment but to also put an end to it. These community leaders are holding perpetrators accountable, and using their platform to empower and uplift the voices of impacted women.

We hosted three very distinct guests who shared unique perspectives regarding the work around sexual harassment and assisting victims of rape around the country.

We welcome guests: Amanda Nguyen, Founder of Rise, a national organization to support and uplift victims of rape (2:50), Evan Low, California State Assemblyman (23:05) and  Mae Flexer, Connecticut State Senator (39:17)

Episode 5: Protect Our Women


Our guest for today’s episode is a rock star and community superhero in her own right and her story is powerful! Supervisor Jane Kim is a civil rights attorney and the first Korean-American elected official in San Francisco. Additionally, she is a leader on affordable housing, and recently passed ground breaking legislation to make city college free in San Francisco. She even has a black belt in Taekwondo. Today, Jane is working on a new cutting edge legislation to pass universal child care.


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Episode 4: From Self-Care to Child Care: Meet Jane Kim


President Trump has been relentless in his attacks on immigrants. From his three Muslim bans to his desire to build a wall near the southern border with Mexico, President Trump has been clear that he is anti-immigration. Recently, the Trump administration gave hard line measures on the Deferred Action Childhood Arrival program(DACA) to try to force electeds to crack down on sanctuary cities and force funding for building the wall. DACA is an immigration policy which offers protection to nearly 800,000 individuals who were brought here by their parents without documentation. To help us better understand DACA and the issues surrounding immigration in the United States, we are joined by Texas State Representative Mary González and Lizet Ocampo, Political Director at People For the American Way.

Episode 3: Realizing the American Dream through DACA


Following the horrendous mass-shooting in Las Vegas, where 59 lives were taken and over 500 were injured, we took a deeper dive into common sense gun prevention and discussed what elected officials from across the country can do to prevent future gun-violence.

We first sat down with former Wisconsin State Representative Mandela Barnes who shares why this issue is important and necessary to dissect (00:00 – 20:45) and in the other half we talked with Arizona State Representative Daniel Hernandez (20:50 – 50:40) , who is known for his heroic act in saving Representative Gabby Giffords’s life after she was shot in 2011.

Episode 2: Re-framing the Conversation on Gun Reform


On our pilot episode, we talk with Svante Myrick, the Director of Youth Leadership Programs at People For the American Way Foundation (PFAWF) and the Mayor of Ithaca. We talk about the Young Elected Officials Network and important role in plays for young leaders around the country.

Following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, we also discuss gun reform and what can state and local elected officials can do to prevent such massacres from happening in the future.

Episode 1: The Path to Resistance through Youth Leadership


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